Seeking Chef Instructors

I would like to introduce you to Kids Can Cook. A revolutionary cooking program designed just for kids. 


 In this program students learn :

  • Food safety
  • Culinary History
  • STEAM Lessons
  • Fundamentals of cooking nutritious meals.
Best of all, these classes do not require a formal kitchen to be held…all that is needed is a multipurpose room with access to electricity and a sink.
For your adults and senior populations, we offer We Can Cook Classes.
These classes are designed to:
  • Give parents ideas on creative menus to cook at home
  • Inspire nutrition cooking in the home
  • Give an outlet and some fun to adults and seniors in your community


We are now seeking highly motivated individuals to serve as Chef Instructors for this coming summer and year round programing.  If you are interested or know someone who might be,  please fill out the form below. 


Highest regards,


Dario Stephen

Chef/Owner, Kids Can Cook


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